The Robbie Middleton Case

It has been ten years since the verdict of the Robbie Middleton case and with this being the largest verdict in US history, we’ve been contacted and interviewed by publications shedding light on this case.


It was Robert” Robbie” Middleton’s 8th birthday when he was tied to a tree, doused in gasoline, and set on fire. He miraculously survived the attack but later died after a courageous twelve-year battle with third-degree burns over 99% of his body. We knew justice needed to be served for him and the Middleton family, and Ken Bigham Jr. partnered with Craig Sico as lead counsel and took this case pro bono.

Don Wilbur Collins, the attacker, had never been charged with a criminal offense as prosecutors asserted that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute. However, on Robbie’s death bed, he gave a 27-minute video testimonial about his attacker, Collins, which was evident during the trial. Additionally, two of the world’s top burn surgeons testified that Robbie’s burns were the worst they had seen in their career. 

Ultimately, a Fayette County jury reached a verdict of $150 billion, which is the largest civil verdict in US history. However, all parties in the case knew that this monetary gain would not happen. The goal was to bring attention to the fact that Collins had never been prosecuted for this horrific crime. After the verdict, the Montgomery County district attorney’s office reopened the criminal case, and Collins was subsequently convicted of murder by the Galveston county jury. 

Robbie was courageous and impacted so many lives with his story.

Client Testimonial | Heather Middleton, Galveston, Texas

We are the Middleton Family, and we went to Ken to try to get help for my brother and find out why nothing had ever happened. We would most definitely recommend Ken to anyone!

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Ken Bigham Jr. has nearly three decades of experience navigating the law to protect his clients from unfair treatment by insurance companies, the government and corporations. He believes that Bigham Law’s purpose is to provide outstanding value to its clients and compassionate service to its community. 


Ken is an aggressive, extremely experienced lawyer that fights for your rights and negotiates strong and fair settlements for his clients. I highly recommend him and his team

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