The Purpose of Child Protective Services (CPS)

What is The Purpose of Child Protective Services (CPS)?

If you have an encounter with the Child Protective Services (CPS) it is likely due to an alleged claim of abuse or neglect of your child. Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) works on behalf of children in adoptive homes, foster care, and familial homes. The purpose of child protective services (CPS) is primarily to protect minors’ safety as well as provide support to certain parents and guardians to promote safe and secure living conditions. CPS operates under the state laws of the social services department to assess, investigate, and intervene when necessary to protect an at-risk child.

What is Covered Under the Law With CPS?

The law provides for a wide range of definitions of abuse and neglect to cover multiple scenarios that put a child in danger. Abuse can be physical, mental, emotional, sexual, or placing the child in situations that could lead to those abuses. Such acts could include allowing the child to use a controlled substance or leaving the child with someone that you suspect will abuse the child. Neglect is a purpose failure to provide necessities to sustain life such as food and shelter or a failure to seek medical care to prevent death or bodily injury.

CPS Investigation Process

Once aware of a case, CPS in Texas has a duty to complete an investigation within 30 days. This investigation could consist of a taped interview of the potentially at-risk child as well as discussions and interviews with other family members. CPS will likely examine the child for physical signs of abuse and may request mental health records. Also, CPS will likely visit the home and discuss the report with the family to take into consideration any explanations provided by the family.

At the completion of the investigation, CPS determines whether there is enough evidence to continue to move forward with the case.  If it is agreed that the child is not at continued risk, the case will be administratively closed as no further intervention by CPS is warranted. However, if CPS directs that more supervision or involvement is necessary, the actions can range from recommending services to help the family address the problem with follow up from CPS to ensure compliance to removing the child from the home and filing a civil court action to protect the child and even to terminate the rights of the parents or other caregivers involved in or aware of the abuse or neglect.

Your Best Interest in Mind With CPS Defense. Hiring An Attorney For Your CPS Case.

The focus of CPS is on the family and the protection of the child within that family unit. If you are contacted by CPS, become involved and take the investigation seriously. Seek an experienced family law attorney that can help you navigate this situation at your earliest convenience. With cooperation and teamwork, a successful resolution may be achieved. Here at the Bigham Law Firm, we have competent family law attorneys who are here to fight for you and your family. We offer free consultations, so contact us today if you’re facing a case with the CPS and need CPS Defense.

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