criminal defense in Pasadena, Bastrop, schulenburg and all of South texas



Being charged with DUI in Texas can seem like a losing battle. However, after having handled cases in Bastrop, Fayette, Colorado, Lee, Lavaca, Harris and other counties across South Central Texas, Bigham Law Firm has the experience needed to navigate what can be an overwhelming situation. 

Drug Crimes in Texas

Being charged with a drug crime in Texas can affect your ability to work, drive and live your life. Ken Bigham Jr. has spent nearly three decades protecting his clients from unfair convictions. His legal experience could be the difference you need. 

Juvenile Crimes

The last thing a parent wants is for their child to have to live with a mistake they made in their youth. Juvenile crimes can turn into an overwhelming process for families. Let Bigham Law Firm help your child fight for his or her rights. 

Assault and Murder Cases

Being charged with assault, or even murder, is never something we think about going through in our lives. If you, or someone you love, are faced with these serious charges, seek out experienced representation.