Available Resources for Mental Health

In one of our posts on mental health, we covered the lack of resources available to those struggling with mental health issues in rural areas. Thanks to those who commented on and read that post, we have been informed that, while these resources are still very limited, there are local options available. 

Tejas Health Clinic, located in La Grange, is staffed with a Licensed Professional Counselor and a psychologist. Also, Katie Gross, Stacey Helm and Tracy Mach are all Licensed Professional Counselors and have private practices in La Grange and Bastrop. 

Shelby Sonntag, owner of With Purpose Life Coaching, is also doing great things for people locally. She is located in Halletsville and specializes in Family Counseling, Anger Resolution and is also a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. 

Vickie Maertz also has her own organization that works specifically with the youth of our communities. Physical and Academic Learning Services (PALS) does great work in the area, specializing in child development, promoting physical health and they are also hosting programs throughout the Summer, including a Kids Health Fair right here in Schulenburg! 

While mental health is still an issue that does not receive enough attention in rural areas, organizations and people like the ones mentioned above are greatly appreciated. They are the innovators of a culture that is needed, but not yet present. Please join us in the continued support and appreciation of their efforts! 

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