Whether you are facing charges related to drug crimes, weapons crimes, drunk driving, fraud, assault or juvenile offenses, the Ken Bigham Jr. Law Firm is dedicated to applying our expertise and work ethic towards the best outcome for your case.

Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer

criminal7208676_xl-228x300We know how stressful it can be when you have been charged with a criminal offense, especially if it is your first encounter with the Texas criminal justice system. Feeling overwhelmed with anxiety and depression is not at all unusual following an arrest, but try to keep things in perspective – remember, until you are convicted of the crime you are alleged to have committed, you have concrete options when it comes to fighting your charges, including hiring an experienced Texas criminal defense attorney.

You can be sure that prosecutors aren’t wasting any time in figuring out how to secure your conviction and you should be equally dedicated to protecting your rights and securing your liberty.

Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

Sometimes there are violations of constitutional liberties that take place at the time of an individual’s arrest, and when a skilled criminal defense attorney can point out these violations in court, the case will be dismissed. Law enforcement officials habitually breach Texans’ civil rights in order to obtain probable cause for an arrest. If you, your vehicle, or your home were the subject of an illegal search by law enforcement authorities, we want to know about it. As an experienced criminal defense law firm, we will  evaluate the circumstances of your arrest help you clearly understand what your options are.

Types of Charges

We provide aggressive defense for all felony and misdemeanor charges including: