I was in the middle of a custody battle for my daughter back in 2013 when I hired Ken Bigham to be my attorney.
I needed someone willing to fight for justice for my daughter. When it comes to right is right and wrong is wrong, he is the one I turned to. He is very honest and takes pride in his client's situations. It's more than just a job to him in his heart...


January 17, 2018

I was injured in a car accident. Dealing with insurance companies is stressful. Ken took great care of my case. He gave me great personal service and was always there to answer my questions and keep me updated. Ken took the stress and worry off of me so that I could focus on therapy and healing. I appreciate all of his support and hard work during this time of my life. I would highly recommend Ken to others who need legal services.


January 16, 2018

I would highly recommend Ken Bigham he helped us finally get justice for my brother's murder after nearly 17 years. He was there every step of the way and always kept us informed we were never left wondering what happens next. We couldn't thank him enough for all the hard work he put in to help us get to where we are today.


July 28, 2015

In February of 2006, I encountered a prowler / stalker on the back portion of our property. This person had been asked to leave the property several times over the course of several weeks, but seemed to be able to find another way in each time.
When I confronted him in the back, around three hundred yards from the house, he stated that he had valentines to deliver to my wife and daughter. I told him that he knew where the front door was, and he did not need to be stalking around after dark. Things got a bit heated, and he stated that he was going to go through me to deliver the flowers.
When he reached for something in his jacket pocket, I flipped the shotgun up and fired from the hip, disabling that arm. Three more shots to that side of the body took him to the ground. I was arrested and charged with Murder.
Ken and his team immediately went to work, arranging bail so that I would not have to sit in lockup for three years until the trial finally arrived. Many hours and expert witnesses were brought in to help in establishing my self defense reasoning.
The prosecution used every trick in the book to make this look like a premeditated hit, as things were dug up from the past that I knew nothing about.
When it came down to the eleven days of trial, Ken's team was well prepared to show. that I was indeed acting in self defense, and the jury agreed. They would have done the same thing that I did had they been in my shoes. Thanks, Ken.


June 8, 2015

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ken Bigham since the first grade. Throughout this time he has consistently exemplified the traits One would need in an attorney. . Although superior both academically and athletically than most, he has always been humble and willing to help those in distress. Whether it be helping a handicapped person cross a street or standing up for a classmate who was being unmercifully bullied Ken is a man you can count on. Ken is a man of integrity that I would choose above any attorney in a time of distress. Ken has provided legal advice to my family and myself on numerous contractual arrangements that could have had serious negative implications if I had not sought his advice.

Danny Ponder

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