The statistics surrounding oil field accidents in Texas are shocking. Between 2007 and 2012, out of 663 workers killed nationally in oil field accidents, 260 of them were from Texas. We know the law in the Texas when it comes to oil fields and oil field accidents and we can help you hold those responsible for safety violations liable in civil court.

Texas Oil Field Accidents Lawyer

Oil Field AccidentsImprovements in onshore fracking and drilling have made the oil business very lucrative again for American oil and gas companies, but this has not brought significant improvement in safety practices or government regulation. If you or a member of your family has been seriously injured as a result of an oil field accident, you should contact a knowledgeable Texas oil field accidents attorney immediately. The rules and regulations surrounding oil field development in Texas are very complicated and often poorly understood by the same inspectors who are supposed to be enforcing safety protocols and keeping workers out of harm’s way.

Types of Injuries

Types of injuries that can occur in an oil field include loss of limbs, crushing injuries, broken bones, and burns. Many of these injuries are due to a lack of government oversight of oil and gas companies. The federal government and OSHA are decades behind in establishing and enforcing safety standards for workers in oil fields, a fact to which the high rate of death and injury associated with oil field workers bears evidence. We can hold oil companies accountable where the government failed to do so.

Protecting You and Your Family From Financial Instability

A injurious accident that comes from nowhere can devastate a family emotionally and financially. First of all, of course, is the tremendous pain and suffering that accompanies the aftermath of a severe injury for both the victim and their family. Usually the victim is required to adapt to a sudden loss of independence while their family members find themselves becoming caregivers for the victim. Issues of pain management become paramount and there is often a palpable sense of despondency and anxiety in the family about the future. Secondly, there are economic concerns. Medical bills can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars for a victim of an oil field accident, and there is also naturally a substantial loss of income for a family when a breadwinner is injured.

A successful personal injury suit handled by an experienced and dedicated Texas oil field accidents attorney can compensate a family both with non-economic damages related to pain and suffering as well as with economic damages to pay for lost income and medical bills. This may be true even if workers’ compensation insurance is involved. You still can hold third parties such as manufacturers and sellers of unsafe, malfunctioning, or defective equipment liable for their negligence. Schedule an appointment with an aggressive oil and gas fields accident lawyer as soon as you have sought medical attention for an injury. We are ready to help you seek financial justice for your ordeal.

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