Fires and explosions kill and injure hundreds of industrial workers in the United States every year. Others are killed or severely hurt in accidents involving heavy machinery or work vehicles. We’ve helped many Texans recover needed financial compensation following industrial accidents and we can try to help you too. 

Texas Industrial Accidents Attorney

Industrial accidents are notoriously dangerous. Those who work at plants, refineries, and factories in Texas are constantly aware of how dangerous their work environment is, and they know that their chances of being involved in injurious industrial accidents increase significantly when employers neglect safety protocols, proper training, or necessary maintenance of equipment.

Industrial AccidentsRegardless of the motives involved, negligent behavior by supervisors and owners can have tragic repercussions for workers and their families. Workers are not the only ones affected by industrial accidents. These tragedies can ruin the lives and property of those living in the surrounding area. Workers have some recourse in the workers’ compensation insurance system, but non-employees who suffer due to industrial accidents may have a harder time getting financial justice for their ordeal. Whether you are an injured employee or else someone who was unfortunate enough to live near the scene of an industrial accident and were injured as a result, you should contact an experienced Texas industrial accidents attorney as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.

We know what you and your family are going through and how difficult it can be for a victim to adjust to the loss of independence a severe injury causes. Call our office to discuss the details of your injury. We’re here for you.

Strength & Experience

We like our clients and our defendants to know that we are prepared to go to trial if necessary to obtain just compensation following an industrial accident. We have done it before and we’re more than happy to do it again on behalf of our clients. Insurance companies and claims examiners will do almost anything to avoid a trial, and we know this. Being awarded the maximum compensation allowable under Texas law is a right for those who have been injured in an industrial accident. Let us review the circumstances of your case and help you identify those responsible, whether they are plant owners, property owners, equipment manufacturers, or some other person of party.

Beyond Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance isn’t necessarily the end of the road for workers when it comes to exercising their rights after an accident, either. As a skilled industrial accidents law firm, we can explain to you how workers’ compensation functions in the state of Texas, what your rights when filing a claim, and what other options you might have for receiving damages over and above what workers’ compensation can provide.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about the legal process involved in filing an industrial accidents suit. We know you and your family are going through a terrible time and we want to help you through this phase of your lives as best we can. It’s true that we can’t undo the past, but we can make the future a little brighter when it comes to stabilizing your financial situation following an industrial accident.

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