Texas’ reputation for respecting its residents’ 2nd Amendment constitutional rights is well-deserved, but state prosecutors nevertheless take weapons crimes very seriously. If you are facing charges involving weapons crimes, you should contact a dedicated Texas criminal justice attorney as soon as possible.

Texas Weapons Crimes Attorney

Weapons CrimesWe know how easily misunderstandings over guns and other weapons can lead to an arrest, and we want to help you demonstrate your innocence in court. Hiring an experienced weapons crime lawyer is your best bet for protecting your rights for as long as you happen to be involved with the Texas criminal justice system. We know how to keep our clients out of jail and protect their pocketbooks from excessive fines and fees. We’ve been doing exactly that for over 20 years by offering personal service and aggressive representation for our Texas clients, treating them like friends instead of criminals. Contact our office as soon as possible to discuss what options you have for fighting your weapons crimes charges. It may be one of the smartest choices you ever make.

Understanding Texas Gun Law

Ignorance of the law when it comes to weapons crimes is no excuse, at least not in court. While this may be good news for any weapons crimes attorney, it means that you cannot expect prosecutors or juries to empathize with you if you unknowingly broke the law. Face it – you’re no expert when it comes to criminal defense. Let a dedicated weapons crime attorney take a look at the circumstances of your arrest. We can explain Texas gun laws to you and tell you what your rights when it comes to your weapons crime charges. If the arresting officer breached your civil rights at the time of your arrest by searching your car or person illegally or by failing to inform you of your right to not incriminate yourself, we can have your case thrown out of court regardless of whether you broke the law – unwittingly or otherwise – or are completely innocent.

Penalties Associated with Gun and Weapons Charges

The prison sentences and fines associated with weapons crimes convictions aren’t necessarily the only consequences you face if found guilty. You may be prohibited from owning a gun ever again or even voting. Additionally, having a felony on your record can make it significantly more challenging to secure employment or find a place to live following your time in prison. It’s not fair that you are held accountable for your conviction beyond the terms of your sentencing, but it’s the reality of the world in which we live. There’s no guarantee you have to go to jail over your charges, especially when you partner with us in establishing your criminal defense.

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