It’s tempting to yield to depression and anxiety after you have been charged with a drug crime, but remember that until you are actually convicted, you have substantial options for protecting your freedom. The best thing you can do following an arrest on drug charges in the State of Texas is to contact a dedicated Texas drug crimes attorney concerning your criminal defense.

Facing a Drug Crimes Charge? Don’t Make a Statement!

Drug CrimesWe know how hopeless your situation may seem, but we’ve helped countless Texans beat their drug charges or have them dismissed and we want to do the same for you. Do not discuss your case with law enforcement officials! Pick up the phone and call an experienced drug crimes lawyer instead. We can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your future intact.

Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

It’s an unfortunate truth that police officers target people of color and economically-challenged individuals when making arrests for drug crimes. In doing so, they count on those so charged not having the means to hire a good criminal defense attorney to protect their rights. You have the right to an attorney, but the public defender that the state assigns you is unlikely to compare to an aggressive drug crimes attorney who makes their clients’ liberty their highest priority.

You can expect that a seasoned Texas drug crimes lawyer should be ruthless when it comes to pointing out violations of your constitutional liberties that occurred at the time of an arrest, or demonstrating that the drugs presented as evidence were not yours. Frivolous charges for drug crimes based on scant evidence – that is, arrests made without true probable cause, or on probable cause that was obtained illegally – are extremely common in Texas. Prosecutors and law enforcements officials have managed to lock up numerous Texans who were innocent, or whose arrests were invalid because of 4th Amendment violations or other breaches of their civil rights.

Penalties for Drug Charge Convictions

It’s normal to be worried about the long-term consequences of an arrest for drug crimes. Prison time and expensive fines are the most obvious ones, but even after you have served your sentence and paid your fines in full, you may find that your ability to seek gainful employment rent property is permanently compromised. You may even be prevented from owning a gun or voting in elections! A charge for a misdemeanor or felony drug crime deserves exceptional representation. You’ll find that we are there for our clients every hour of every day. We believe that individual attention is critical in criminal defense cases, and we want to reassure you that we’re not just offering you a cookie cutter approach to your situation. We treat every case differently because every client is different. Give us a call to discuss your circumstances without fear of judgment or self-incrimination. We’re ready to listen and then help you fight for your future.

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