Our practice areas focus on those in need. We understand the emotional and financial stress that can accompany a serious injury. Our mission is to ensure that you receive maximum compensation while reducing the stress of legal entanglement. If you are facing a criminal charge, you are dealing with the uncertainty and fear of what the future may hold. Let us help you to understand your options and fight aggressively for your rights and freedom.

Our practice areas include:

Personal Injury

The Ken Bigham Jr. Law Firm has helped numerous Texas families stabilize their lives following a serious personal injury. Whether your injury is the result of an automobile accident, trucking accident, a malfunctioning or defective product, or an unsafe work environment such as an oil field accident injury, we know how catastrophic an accident and its aftermath can be for a victim and their families and we are ready to assist you in getting back on your feet. In addition, we have litigated many wrongful death suits on behalf of Texas families. If a member of your family was taken from you prematurely, we can help you hold those responsible financially liable for your loss.

For more information regarding personal injury and how to proceed, visit our Personal Injury section or call our office at (979) 743-4153. If your injury makes it impossible to travel, we will come to you.

All of our personal injury work is on a contingency basis.

Criminal Defense

Whether you are facing charges related to drug crimes, weapons crimes, drunk driving, fraud, assault or juvenile offenses, we have the expertise and aggression necessary to try to help you beat your charges, get them significantly reduced, or have them thrown out of court. Feeling overwhelmed with anxiety and depression is not at all unusual following an arrest, but try to keep things in perspective – remember, until you are convicted of the crime you are alleged to have committed, you have concrete options when it comes to fighting your charges. We help you to understand what those options are and aggressively pursue a successful outcome. Our experience covers a complete range of criminal charges including Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), drug crimes, weapons charges, juvenile crimes defense, and all felonies and misdemeanors.

Visit our Criminal Defense section for more information or call (979) 743-4153 to schedule a consultation.

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